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What's my story?

I've always been that free-spirited girl. Thursday nights, I'm vibing in a lounge. By Saturday, you might find me soaking up sun at a beach or splashing around a waterpark with an entirely new set of faces. And after those wild nights? I retreat to the spa to find my zen. Such an adaptable and vivacious nature equips me to portray characters who... don't shy away from life. They're the ones who'd unapologetically remove a troublesome passenger from a flight or sever ties without batting an eye. They've got the audacity to tell someone off, yet they do it with such charisma it's almost endearing. And yes, when the mood strikes, they'll skinny dip on the big island without a second thought. I've always resonated with those... who don’t let boundaries define them, following their heart's desires without being tethered by overthought. The roles I take on... they’re playful, dripping with sensuality and femininity, yet with a knack for being straightforward when it's called for. The souls I channel on screen... they're elusive, marching to the beat of their own drum, each with a unique flair. In a comedy? I’m that... friend always up for some fun, maybe even laughing as I spill my lemon drop martini with every dance move. I'm the embodiment of independence, taking each day as a new adventure, forever ready for the next escapade.

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30,000 FT IN THE AIR, Starring Zephorah Nuré and Amanda Harris


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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